Our Workshop

Every Product is handmade to order in our family run workshop in  Kasur, Pakistan, a region famous for its leather tanneries and finishing expertise.

The skills used to make our products have been honed over generations, providing much needed jobs and income for the local economy.

We proudly oversee every stage of this process…

Stage 1: Ethically Sourcing Hides

Our hides are a by-product of local meat and dairy farming.

  • The leather we use is a by-product of Sacrifice of young animals by Muslims on Eid- ul-adha and Rural families typically raise 2-3 cows that will provide milk and farming horsepower over their twenty-year lifespan. At the end of their lives, their meat and hides are sold to buy new cows.
Stage 2: Eco Aware Leather Tanning
  • The tanning process, carried out in our own tannery, is entirely chrome-free and conforms to strict pollution regulations. Our process takes around 4 weeks, from converting hides to their ‘wet blue’ form to multi-coating with our unique oil-based dye to give the leather its luxurious finish.

Stage 3: Efficient Cutting

  • Our tanned hides are cut by hand using a traditional leather knife. To minimize waste, offcuts are used to make smaller items such as zip pullers or are recycled to make bonded leather.
Stage 4: Embroidery
  • Each design is embroiled using precise computer software

Stage 5: Gluing, Stitching & Hardware

  • Your product begins to take shape as our craftsmen and women stitch and glue together the leather cuts. Cotton linings and hardware are added - zips and solid brass buckles – along with labels and branded brass pins.
Stage 6: QA & QC
  • Each product is individually inspected, verified and packaged

Stage 7: Finishing & Packaging

  • Each product is individually polished, checked and packaged into a branded cotton dust cover.
Stage 8: Shipping
  • Orders are collected daily and make an overnight drive to Delhi International Airport. From here, they’re flown to your international hub and expedited for signed-for delivery. From ordering, you’ll receive your order within 5 business days. Read what our customers say about us here
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